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GtkRadiant Model Questions (JO)
2005-05-31, 3:35 AM #1

I'm making a map for JO, but everytime I place any models down (Tables, chairs, ships etc) I can't rotate them at all. Is there any way to do this because without being able to do this my level is going to be pretty pointless.

Also, when I try going to the models on my map I can walk straight through them. Why is this?

2005-05-31, 3:58 AM #2
Select the model, press N and use the directional buttons.

There is no clipping on the models, so open system texture folder, make a brush that covers the model and use the physical clip shader.
2005-05-31, 9:54 AM #3
Thanks, I understand the part about which direction the model faces, but I still don't understand the clipping thing. COuld you explain it in more detail?

2005-05-31, 10:56 AM #4
If an opject has no clipping, all physics (blaster shots, players, NPCs) go right through it. You have to use the clip texture, as stated above, to make an approximation of the model so that it clips.
On that note, don't make the clip brushes too complex-rectagular prisms are fine.
2005-05-31, 11:52 AM #5

Sorry if I sound insanely dumb, but I still don't understand you guys. Do you mean putting a brush "inside" a model and clipping it so it can't be seen? If not then please tell me what to look for because I can't seem to find ANYTHING else that looks similar.

2005-05-31, 12:22 PM #6

You have the model in the editor, right?

Now, you have a problem with things going through it, right?

Ok. Now make a brush that is the approx. size of that model. Place the brush so it in the model's space. Make it so that the brush "outlines" the model.

Now go into the texture menu. Go to "system". Now, you'll notice there is a "texture" with the words "clip." It means it will cause clipping. Select this to cover that brush.
2005-05-31, 12:34 PM #7
Thanks guys,

Just one last issue. I can't go through my models anymore, but I can still shoot straight throught them! What should I do?

2005-05-31, 5:19 PM #8
If I can remember correctly, use the red "physics_clip"

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