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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → linux mod problems
linux mod problems
2005-06-03, 11:57 AM #1
In JO in linux, when i try loading a mod it kicks me out of the game. has anybody else had this problem or have a clue to what is causing the problem?
and if it matters, i am using a no-cd patch and i installed the game throught the loki installer.

2005-06-03, 12:04 PM #2
Sorry. I never used Linux. Maybe someone with Linux here could help.
2005-06-03, 12:59 PM #3
I have JO succesfully running on Wine. In fact I do most of my Modding on it. :D Make sure you cd to the Game Data folder of your game and execute using "wine jk2.exe". If none of that works post your wine config file.
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2005-06-03, 4:28 PM #4
i am using cedega, but can post my config if you want it.

with the installer i used, it didn't include the GameData folder, (i think that the install dir is the gamedata folder because the only subdir in it is base.) and it has a script to run jk2sp.exe and jk2mp.exe though when i type wine jk2mp.exe it still won't work.

so, i uninstalled and then reinstalled without the installer (wine autorun.exe from the cd) and copied the mods to the gamedata dir and when i ran it, it did the same thing :'(
2005-06-03, 10:31 PM #5
I've never had much luck with Cedega. Just try using standard wine. Install Dcom and InstallShield and run the installer off the CD to make a virtual install in your wine folder.

Another option that works is installing it on a Winblows (If you are unfortunate to have one :p ) computer and copying the whole directory structure (including your mod files) over and just executing the jk2mp.exe with wine.
Free your mind, use Open Source.
2005-06-04, 3:01 PM #6
where can i find DCOM and installshield at?
2005-06-04, 4:01 PM #7
The best way is to get winetools package and use that to autoinstall. (Check your distro's repository or compile it) If you want to manually install you can find links and information here: .
Free your mind, use Open Source.
2005-06-07, 5:35 PM #8
i am planning to slap gentoo 2005.0 on my laptop this weekend (running FC3 right now) and i will try wine on it after i get it installed :)

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