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Jedi Mana...
2005-06-05, 4:58 AM #1
There is anyway in edition to set the Mana (Force) to unlimited???
I need to make some tests...
But I have no ideia of how to do this...

2005-06-05, 5:18 AM #2
You can use a mod like JA+ and use the admin command empower to give you close to unlimited force, or you can set g_forceRegenTime 0 which won't give you infinite force but it will make it regen almost instantly.
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2005-06-05, 10:39 AM #3
How do I use this...
GorceRegentime comand ???
And where can I dowload JA+ ???
2005-06-05, 12:30 PM #4
Type SHIFT- ~ (Its above your tab)

That should bring down the console window, from there type

\g_forceRegenTime 0

Then press SHIFT-~ again to close the window.

As for JA+ you can download it from jk2files or here .
Free your mind, use Open Source.

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