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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Anyone do free characters/lightsabres for JA?
Anyone do free characters/lightsabres for JA?
2005-06-11, 9:48 AM #1
Is there anyone willing to make me a character and lightsabres for Jedi Academy? Specifically, I want a character model available in both singeplayer and multiplayer, and I wanna do three lightsabre hilts for him. Unfortunately I have no computer modelling skills whatsoever. If you could do some, I'd be very grateful, though I wouldn't be able to pay you
2005-06-11, 9:51 AM #2
Forgot to mention: e-mail me at for a reply that you don't want to be seen by all
2005-06-11, 10:06 AM #3
Then learn how to model. Do it yourself.

Probably no one wants to put time and effort to make something you just want.

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