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Star Wars Textures
2005-07-27, 3:24 PM #1
Is there a site where you can get star wars textures for outcast and/or academy?
2005-07-28, 4:47 PM #2
Not really.
2005-07-29, 8:28 AM #3
Well, you probably already know this, but the thread right above you is probably your best bet:

It contains many texture resources, so you'll have to sift through them. Also, keep in mind that a texture doesn't necessarily have to be or even "look" typical Star-Warsy to be effective in your level. One of the beauties of the Star Wars universe is the diversity. You can probably find textures to suit your purpose, even if they don't fit the Star Wars mold, per se, if you know what I mean?
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2005-07-29, 4:34 PM #4
So what should I use for Theed textures? Bespin does seem kinda close, now that I think about it...

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