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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → problem changing lightsaber style
problem changing lightsaber style
2005-07-29, 2:21 PM #1
Just a problem i have recently discovered for jedi academy, it occurs with or without mods and is kinda hard to explain. It happens when i have the setforceall 3 cheat enabled which gives you all stances for the single saber, including staff and dual.
When i try and go from the blue saber stance to the yellow stance it just stays at that same style. Some other people have had this problem but it gets very annoying.

Any suggestions? thanks.

(If this does not make much sense plz say)
2005-07-29, 3:19 PM #2
That is what happens when you enter cheat codes in the console. You alter the game's behavior.
2005-07-29, 3:30 PM #3
I understand that but it used to work fine but suddenely this happened one day.

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