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md3 and *.seq file
2005-09-23, 2:09 PM #1
ive got problem with importing skin into map. ive converted it into a md3 file, but u probubly know, that it shows into a 'cross' position. is there some way, to open animation.cfg file into a md3, to get my skin into some move position? how can i convert *.cfg file into a *.seq file? can somebody help me ? im sitting with this problem 2 day :/
2005-09-23, 4:02 PM #2
Aren't skins usually .jpg files?

I'm also confused by what you're doing when you mean: "is there some way, to open animation.cfg file into a md3, to get my skin into some move position?"
2005-09-23, 4:15 PM #3
hmm, animation.cfg contains animation moves used by game. i want to open it into a md3, to get that model in a move, and save in a move. not 'cross' position. but i just cant open it, cause md3 uses *.seq files. so im asking for some type of converter, instructions how should i wrote a seq file. or maybe there is other way?
2005-09-24, 6:50 AM #4
Maybe 3dMax?
2005-09-24, 7:49 AM #5
i know i can edit it in some 3d program, but ive got big problems with humans. so im asking for some way, to open an.cfg file into md3. then i would be able to save it in a move.
2005-09-26, 3:33 AM #6
k, ive modeled it in milkshape. but there is another problem. when i put my model into my map in radiant its showes up, wiht textures etc. i added spawnflags key to make it clip, but in a game it shows without textures. where should i put them in my pk3 file to make them visible?
2005-09-26, 4:04 AM #7
Try putting this in your console before starting your level: sv_pure 0

Although your model might have errors. Errors tend to apeear in the console.
2005-09-27, 12:43 AM #8
there arent any errors to this model. its just glowing black :?
2005-09-27, 4:02 AM #9
Hmm. Try a misc_model_static and see if it works instead.
2005-09-27, 11:02 AM #10
model disapers when it becomes static o0

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