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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → LOAD OF QUESTIONS!!!!!
2005-10-10, 4:41 AM #1
1. How do i make color light?

2. How do i check my paths?

3. How do i make custom shaders?

4. How can i make simpler eloevators than the one in the tutorial called Elevator Script (simple)?

5. My cameras won't turn properly, how do i fix this?

6. I get black with white lines. I can't fix this on certain shaders like bespin buttons.

7. I made a func_breakable, but it dosen't appear on the game sometimes.

8. I have dissapearing catwalks!!!!!

Im using JO if any1 can help me get some answers
2005-10-10, 5:01 AM #2
All caps in thread titles are bad, annoying and against the rules.

And would it be worth it to help you when you don't even respond to your threads and our questions. Like when we ask for clarification and details, and you never come back to answer.

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