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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → problem with sky shaders and weapons
problem with sky shaders and weapons
2005-10-15, 9:27 AM #1
Ok i have two questions for all you mapping gurus out there. First, I have a question about sky shaders. Here's my situation. I have been mapping for about 2 months and have been using jk2radiant, and about a month ago I found an awesome sky shader on "" So I made my custom shader and it worked in jk2radiant, but now I have been trying gtkradiant and when I installed gktradiant, a bunch of my shaders were missing. :confused: This really disappointed me because as I said before, it was an awesome sky shader. So my question is, how do I get my shaders back?

And for my second question, how do I get weapons and ammo on my map. This seems like it should be simple, but I can't get it to work for some reason. I read Rich Diesel's tutorials on darthg's website, but when I try to add the weapon in gtkradiant it says that it is missing (seems like everything is missing these days :rolleyes: ). When i tried it in jk2radiant, it didn't say it was missing, but when I compiled and loaded my map no weapons. So in either case, jk2radiant or gktradian, no weapons. Alright I've typed enough, I'll leave the rest up to you guys. :D
2005-10-15, 10:37 AM #2
Hmm. What are your GTKradiant paths?
2005-10-15, 10:58 AM #3
Considering your custom shaders - did installing GTK overwrite your custom shaderlist?
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-10-15, 6:36 PM #4
Echoman: I checked under file>project settings, and it looks good. The basepath is C:/progra~1/lucasa~1/starwar~1/gamedata/base. And it is in multiplayer mode.
2005-10-15, 7:32 PM #5
I might missed something before. All the regular shaders (only from the game) showing up in GTK?
2005-10-16, 6:38 AM #6
Yes, seems like most of those sky shaders are still there like bespin, kejim etc. However, I just noticed something else. In gtkradiant, when I go to textures>kejim, or textures>bespin, nearly all the textures are missing! And these are obviously textures that came with the game. Also something else I noticed is that, when I click on the red and black box labeled "frozen" (that is the name of my sky shader) at the bottom of the window, gktradiant says that "texture not found for shader: textures/frozen/frozen. After all that it seems to me that maybe I have a texture problem instead of a shader problem. It seems weird that gktradiant would delete or move textures around though. Well let me know what you think. :cool:
2005-10-16, 7:10 AM #7
lassev, to answer your question, it looks like gkt did change the shaderlist, but I added my sky shader to the list and still no change. When I say shaderlist I mean gamedata/base/shaders/shaderlist.txt. Do you mean the shaderlist in assets0.PK3 though?
2005-10-16, 7:46 AM #8
The shaderlist in shaders directory, as you guessed. Never alter the original assets files themselves.

But if your Radiant can't find textures, then there's indeed something wrong with your installation, paths, preferences or something.
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-10-16, 8:21 PM #9
Ok, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I installed a newer version of gtkradiant ( version 1.4.0) and now my textures are back. However, the bad news is that now my sky shader is completely missing from the textures>skies. The only thing that comes up in the texture window of gtk are the 6 jpegs, but the shader itself does not even come up. I checked the shaderlist to see if installing the new version of gtk changed the list, and it did, but I added my shader to the list and still no shader when I boot up gtk. I also checked to see if my shader was still in gamedata/base/shaders, and it was still there. So I don't really now what to try next. :confused:
2005-10-16, 8:38 PM #10
Hmm. Go to the textures menu in GTK, click "shaderlist.txt only" on and off and see if your shader pops up.
2005-10-17, 5:44 PM #11
Hey, great news I got everything to work, the weapons and the sky shader. My base folder was so cluttered with junk I decided to just wipe it clean and unistall everything that had anything to do with jedi knights. Then I reinstalled the game itself and reinstalled gktradiant. And VOILA! everything works great. Thanks to everyone who helped me out. ;)
2005-10-17, 9:08 PM #12
You bring up a good point. Alot of pk3 files sitting around your base can conflict with each other.

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