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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Swinging grates open.
Swinging grates open.
2005-10-16, 4:56 PM #1
Okay, I wanna do something unique here and have a sneaky level. You start out with no weapon, and through positioning and cinematics (maybe), steal a weapon off someone helpless.

I want to start this off with a somewhat simple question. How can I make a grate that doesn't break, but instead swings downward once used? Do I use a func_rotating? Thanks for the help. :)
2005-10-17, 12:24 AM #2
Nah. You use an entity and scripting. Possibly a func_static and scripting.

Here's a tutorial by some bloody n00b that you can apply with a little imagination. Be sure to skip the areaportaling part, for you don't want to combine a grate and an areaportal...
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2005-10-17, 1:11 PM #3
You use a black background with white lines? That would hurt my eyes after awhile. :(
2005-10-17, 5:08 PM #4
I do. It's so much less blinding than a white background with black lines. That would be like staring into a lightbulb.

Thanks for the tut BTW. I'll try it out later. :)
2005-10-17, 11:54 PM #5
Originally posted by Echoman:
You use a black background with white lines? That would hurt my eyes after awhile. :(

The original JK2Radiant had the theme I'm still using even with GTK: Black background, dull green/gray grid lines, white lines for worldspawn. If I remember correctly, to get a perfect replication I had to hack some of it in by editing some file in Notepad...
Frozen in the past by ICARUS

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