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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → best way to get scale right in gtk?
best way to get scale right in gtk?
2005-11-04, 9:38 PM #1
Im trying to convert a level from Jedi Knight to JO (ie JED to GTK), whats the best way to get the scale right? jed doesnt seem to have a measurement tool, but i may be missing something since i havent used it in 3 years. Any ideas?
2005-11-05, 8:35 AM #2
Dunno how many JK units is in one player and in GTK.

Probably the best way is to build the level proportional the player.
2005-11-05, 10:56 AM #3
One unit it JO/JA is 1.5 inches, so the small 8x8 squares that show up by default are 1 foot each. The info_player_start entity is 4x4x6 units, which is probably a good guide.
2005-11-05, 4:36 PM #4
The info_player_start is the height of a human, use it to your advantage but remember the 3rd person camera adds a bit more height. Best is just to try out a map with several marked heights then see which one is best. That's how I got my idea of scale.
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