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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → can somebody send me a copy of ja cd?
can somebody send me a copy of ja cd?
2005-11-08, 5:03 PM #1
I seem to have misplaced my ja 2nd cd (i have first one), if anyone can image the second cd (clonecd preferred but nero or whatever should work), and send to me id appreciate it (have high speed connection)... lmk, thanks!
2005-11-08, 5:20 PM #2
Yeah right.
2005-11-08, 5:36 PM #3
yea. right. why would i want just the second cd? would you like me to email you a pic of my box and 1st cd? whats with your attitude man
2005-11-08, 5:53 PM #4
You don't need the second CD to run the game. Only install it.
2005-11-08, 5:55 PM #5
in case any one had any doubts...
2005-11-08, 5:56 PM #6
i got a new comp. its not installed yet (and hasnt been for quite a while)
2005-11-08, 5:59 PM #7
I believe that LucasArts can replace broken CDs if you mail it to them. Check on the box and manual.
2005-11-08, 6:01 PM #8
i mean i dont have the 2nd cd... i lost it somewhere. i just figured it would be quicker for someone to send it to me.
2005-11-08, 6:05 PM #9
I doubt anyone will upload the big files from the CD and email it to you. It's probably best if you got another. JA is in the bargain bin for a very cheap price.
2005-11-08, 6:07 PM #10
i would. but all we have is walmart (which doesnt have it), the nearest gamestop/mediaplay/best buy is an hour away.
2005-11-09, 6:23 AM #11
I can Help Just Tell me how to compress it

no seriously i would help..........

I wish my 1st cd of ja didnt stop reading........waaaaaa :( :( :(
My Main Objective------ Is to make Jk Real......No i mean Really Real.
2005-11-09, 2:19 PM #12
ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ
2005-11-09, 3:40 PM #13
what is illegal? i own jedi academy. therefore i have a right to own as many copies as i want as long as i am the only one using it.
2005-11-09, 4:52 PM #14
ok, someone sent it to me. thanks anyway.
2005-11-09, 11:53 PM #15
then can someone send me the 1 part cause im on the brink of finishing the game (the korrribian level)..........i just wish its my comp thats not reading the cd and not that my cd is corrupted........waaaaaaaa :( :( :( :( :( :(
My Main Objective------ Is to make Jk Real......No i mean Really Real.
2005-11-10, 9:56 AM #16
Nobody will send you anything so long as you don't prove you own it.
Sneaky sneaks. I'm actually a werewolf. Woof.
2005-11-15, 11:22 AM #17
Dude. Use torrents.
2005-11-18, 9:25 PM #18
wht are torrents???
My Main Objective------ Is to make Jk Real......No i mean Really Real.
2005-11-19, 1:12 AM #19
JO/JA editing section would certainly need a moderator who would lock piracy threads...
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2005-11-21, 11:40 AM #20
Originally posted by yodason45:
wht are torrents???

Since its piracy and lassev doesn't like it, I cant tell you.

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