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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Importing maps?
Importing maps?
2005-11-25, 9:07 AM #1
Is it possible to import maps from JO or JA into Hammer? Because I see a lot of maps that would be very much fun with the Half Life 2 engine. Sorry if this is the wrong forum or something. I didn't see a place that looked better. Thanks. :)
2005-11-25, 3:44 PM #2
Maybe, if GTK did HL2 editing.

Or make the whole level into a model or something and put it in Hammer.
2005-11-25, 3:59 PM #3
Also, the legal disclaimer: you must have the author's permission to import the level. IE, you can't take one of Lucasart's maps for JO/JA and put it into another game.

3DS Max can read .map files (or at least the Tempest plugin for gmax can), so conversion through a modelling program might work.
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2005-11-25, 4:36 PM #4
Okay thanks.
2005-11-26, 4:07 PM #5
Hammer will has read all the .map file I've thrown at it, except that hammer does not do patches and almost all brush entities like detail brushes and things like that. I HERE is a detailed tutorial on how to set up GTK to map for HL2.
you still have to do alot in hammer but it does well.

I never quite got it to work though and then HL2 quit working on me so if you have trouble with the tutorial, don't ask me.
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