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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Question about JA 'playermodel'
Question about JA 'playermodel'
2005-12-18, 9:05 PM #1
Is there a way to use the 'playermodel stormtrooper' so that you have a red helmet, white torso, and blue legs? Also, is there a way to use playermodel to give a jedi_zf a jedi_hf head. Thanks to anyone who can answer.
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2005-12-18, 9:14 PM #2
Wrong forum, buddy. And I don't know.
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2005-12-18, 9:32 PM #3
I doubt you would be able to pull it off without new scripting, models, and textures.
2005-12-19, 5:54 PM #4
In JA/JO, the textures of a model (which means the colors) are directly linked to that model. There is no way to change the skin color of individual elements in-game; however, you could easily duplicate the model (see the on-site tuts) and just cut-and-paste the different portions of the skin images.

On your second question, again, it would be mixing elements of different models, so you would have to make a custom model.
2005-12-20, 8:36 AM #5
I think there's a way to add different head parts for the Jaden models.

Anything else would require either skinning or modelling though.
2005-12-20, 11:44 AM #6
Oh yeah, forgot about that bit.

JA, to a degree, must have some support for mixing model components, but it's probably limited to the Jaden models. I know that it's possible to add model components in the character creation menu, as I've seen mods a-plenty doing so.

However, the stormtrooper model isn't split into pieces like the player models are, so again, without modelling yourself, it would be impossible to mix and match.

Console commands in JA are limited, so pretty much any modifications to skins and models must be done outside of the game. Sorry.
2005-12-20, 9:31 PM #7
I havn't touched JA in a long while, but I think you could just make a new .skin file with the resources pointing to what you want.

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