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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → prob with jk2 radiant
prob with jk2 radiant
2006-01-02, 5:55 PM #1
i was using the jk2radiant beginner tutorial at this site, and it was going well until i had to put a light in. it says to click on the main editing window and a window will appear and you click on light. when i clicked on the main editing window nothing happened and i couldnt change the view or create anymore brushes. i couldnt figure out what was wrong so i exited the program and started over, but i still couldnt do anything in the main editing window. so i cant complete my levels without a light.

so if anyone knows how to fix it plz tell me.
2006-01-03, 5:45 AM #2
Drop JK2radiant. It's a buggy program with some problems. Instead, use GTKradiant for JO editing. Its the same program but better with more features (like the undo button!). You can get it at this site:


Remember to download the one for JO.
2006-01-03, 2:14 PM #3
thx, gtkradiant is working much better. :)
2006-01-05, 9:43 AM #4
Ah. It's good you are on the right track with GTK.

(and 1 point for me Spi Waterwing!)
2006-01-05, 1:46 PM #5
When I duble click on JK2radiant it waits a little while then says, "We have encounterd a problem do you wish to report this bug?" then it shows me two bottons

"send" "dont send"

please help. ty
2006-01-05, 3:03 PM #6
Read the second post in this thread.
2006-01-06, 6:37 AM #7
I cant get that one install :gbk: ed
2006-01-06, 11:39 AM #8
Well, what's wrong with the GTK installation? Are you installing the right things?

You can go back to JK2radiant, but the error isn't going to go away.
2006-01-06, 12:15 PM #9
Might be worth it to also check your video card drivers, if Radiant doesn't launch. Although there could be a multitude of reasons. But one thing is sure: Reporting it to MS isn't going to solve the problem! :p
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2006-01-06, 4:51 PM #10
Originally posted by Echoman:
(and 1 point for me Spi Waterwing!)

Grr. It's because I've been at school, busy after break. It's yours.
But I get a point if I can solve his problem when he:

Report whatever error you're getting on the GTK install. Only then will you truly know the power of the dark side...erm, the answer to your problems.
2006-01-06, 5:38 PM #11
i'm having a prob with gtk radiant this time. when i compile the map at the bsp menu it says that the map leaked, and so i cant test out my maps.
2006-01-06, 7:11 PM #12
Ah. That's not a GTK problem. The problem is between the keyboard and the chair.

Do you have any place in your map that have "holes" to the grey void? You have to make sure the map is covered completely by brushes so no point in the map is the grey void seen. A red line from the error should lead you to the point where the "leak" is.

To put it in simpler, "easier to visualize" terms, pretend you map is a submarine. The grey void is the deadly, cold water. To prevent water coming in (from "leaks") you need to make sure there are no holes in the outer structure. If you go through your sub and see a place where the outside void is seen, you got a problem.

(1 point for me!)
2006-01-06, 8:48 PM #13
i checked my level and havent seen any gray spots. and the red line is pointing to the middle of my wall. :confused:
2006-01-06, 11:19 PM #14
Do you see the grey void I am talking about?
2006-01-07, 7:31 AM #15
Is it a patch mesh with a non-solid texture applied to it? Or a transparent one?
2006-01-07, 2:15 PM #16
Props, Baconfish.

If either of the above is true, "seal up" your map by making brushes with the "system/caulk" texture so that you cannot draw any sort of path from the info_player_start to the void without passing through a brush.

It's also a good idea to make sure you cannot see the void from the player area, or else you get pr0n on your computer. Not really, just evil, weird stuff. Watch out- caulk is transparent.

(And now we're tied. Should have checked this last night... :( )

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