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target_scriptrunner help
2006-01-28, 8:51 AM #1
From sometime I'm trying to make maps for JK2 JO, using JK2 Radiant. I read all the tutorials in Massassi and they were really helpful, 10x to the authors. The problems started when i read the tutorial for the configuration of the Force Powers in SP. I'm having trouble understanding these lines:
// This will give your entity a name so you can target it
Key Targetname
Value run_level_start

// This is the code to run your script
Key Usescript
Value project1/level_start

If someone can explain what and where shall I enter in the entity properties menu of the target_scriptrunner. 10x beforehand.
2006-01-29, 12:58 AM #2
Doesn't JK2radiant have a problem with that entity?
2006-01-29, 3:30 AM #3
Yeah, you were right. I used GTKRadiant, and it worked :) ! 10x for the tip :cool: !

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