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GLM File Format
2006-02-17, 8:42 AM #1
Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of the GLM file format specs?
2006-02-17, 12:19 PM #2

2006-02-17, 3:20 PM #3
Not really. :( What I'm looking for is a document laying out the data in the file format, so that I will be able to write my own loader for a .glm file.
2006-02-18, 6:49 PM #4
Check out the JO/JA editing forums on LucasForums. ASk wrote a GLAMerge program for animation work. Wudan, who is also a forum member here, was/is working on a standalone animation program for JO/JA.
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2006-02-19, 10:17 AM #5
Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

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