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ICARUS question
2006-03-16, 4:38 PM #1
i recently downloaded ICARUS, and i am using BehavEd, but when i load it up, there are many errors in the console view in the bottom like:

- ! Failed to include file C:/Program Files/ yadayadayada

Then i tried adding some events to the script flow, but when i try to edit them, there is no options on what to do except "INCLUDE ERROR!!!"

I looked in the Prefs and i believe the problem is the location of the Source Files Path. Where should this be located? :confused:

I regret to inform you...

2006-03-16, 6:10 PM #2
I think there is a readme Word File that comes with the program. Do you have it?
2006-03-17, 12:37 PM #3
yeah i think so
I regret to inform you...

2006-03-18, 6:43 AM #4
You can tell how many programmers are guys. We never read the instructions. :p
2006-03-18, 1:36 PM #5
You mean there are programmers that are not guys?
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2006-03-18, 4:57 PM #6
It should point to the "SourceForBehavEd" folder. And in that folder you should have a bunch of .h files.
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2006-03-19, 5:54 AM #7
yeah, it should point to it, except it doesnt so i want to know here this folder is located.
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2006-03-19, 5:59 AM #8
actually, i just did a search and i found a folder in the Gamedata/Tools folder named "gamesource" and contains a bunch of .h files. Would this be it???? :confused:

By the way, it might be different for my computer, its a pile of crap with Windows 2000 so things might be different for me. :rolleyes:
I regret to inform you...

2006-03-19, 12:20 PM #9
Well, nobody else but you knows your computer, your folders and files. Not even Santa Claus knows it as well as you do.

For JA it's by default "SourceForBehavEd", for JO it's the "gamesource" you mentioned.
Frozen in the past by ICARUS
2006-03-19, 2:20 PM #10
yay it works thanks guys (and girls just in case ;) )
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