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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Sorry to bother everyone again
Sorry to bother everyone again
2006-04-11, 5:22 AM #1
I need to make a pk3 file for my map but have failed dismally. :( I tried to do what the tutorial "Preparing you Jedi Outcast Map for release" method, but i find re-naming files does not completely change what program it is run by. Anyway, i tested it, and it doesnt work :o . There must be some other way to convert a zip file to pk3. Can someone please tell me? :confused: :confused:

I regret to inform you...

2006-04-11, 8:01 AM #2

Try Pakscape. It makes and edits .pk3 files easily.
2006-04-12, 5:13 PM #3
yay it works ;)

thanks echoman
I regret to inform you...

2006-04-14, 9:26 AM #4
Bloody Echoman beat me again. And just because I was out of town.
2006-04-14, 10:31 AM #5

You have to wait patiently for the next question to trickle in....there aren't many questions that come by these days....:(

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