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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → How? Mod the Jedi Outcast Single player
How? Mod the Jedi Outcast Single player
2006-04-17, 7:59 PM #1

I'm trying to a plugin (cgame.qvm) and a server mod (game.qvm) for a single player conversion I'm trying to make... Problem is, jk2sp.exe seems to make it pure and neither is loaded up. Is there a way to load them up? :confused:

- SaberTooth
2006-04-17, 10:22 PM #2
I'm not exactly sure what the situation is. Explain what the 'plugin," "server mod" and "single player conversion" is.

But did you try using the /sv_pure 0 command in the console?
2006-04-18, 3:56 PM #3
Ok, when I say single player conversion, I mean like say, the Colosseum 1.0 changes jk2 completely. When I say server mod, I want this adventure to be instagib, so I want to say, load up the disruption 1.2 mod, in single player. SV_Pure 0 doesn't even seem to be a valid command in single player, I tried it. How can I go about to get this effect?

- ST
2006-04-19, 2:37 PM #4
MP mods are designed using MP code. So a MP mod won't work in SP unless it is designed to work with SP in mind. That is why people who release new models for MP sometimes have extra files to let people use it in SP.
2006-04-19, 7:58 PM #5
"SP unless it is designed to work with SP in mind"

Where do I start? The only game source I see are the game.qvm, cgame.qvm, and ui.qvm. Those work with multiplayer.... so where is the code at that does the single player, buddy?

- ST
2006-04-19, 10:30 PM #6
You mean the SP source code? Ravensoft never released the SP source code (they did for MP, though)
2006-04-21, 1:46 PM #7
Where is the SP [compiled] code at in the pk3's? I don't see it anywhere. Is it built into the jk2sp.exe?
2006-04-23, 2:21 PM #8
That's what the jk2sp.exe file basically is. The stuff in the .pk3s is the easy stuff to mod- weap images, models, effects, etc. Depending on what you're trying to mod, you might have to do some reverse engineering or something...

Bail me out, Echoman.
2006-04-23, 5:48 PM #9
I think your probably better off setting the g_saberdamagescale to a high number. That way your saber would sort of act as an instagib weapon.
"The only crime I'm guilty of is love [of china]"
- Ruthven
me clan me mod
2006-04-23, 6:31 PM #10
A lightsaber is a far cry from a sniper rifle, tinny. I'm thinking though, that through icarus scripts, I can have a person spawn with only a disruptor, and their health so low that one shot would kill them. So, the instagib aspect seems to be settled. However, I also wanted to incorporate some features of my plugin, that I recently made:
2006-04-23, 8:16 PM #11
Yes, with scripts, you can do that. You can also set your health low and only spawn with rupter. The problem is that the AI for SP is never good, so they would only just stand there.

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