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2006-05-02, 11:29 AM #1
Well, how do you make fire and statues and trees? with jk2 radient.
2006-05-02, 11:58 AM #2
To make fire, look for an entity called fx_runner. For the key, type in FxFile. For the value, type in the .efx file that this entity must use, so in this case its fire.efx. (I think that's the .efx name if I can remember)

JK2 radiant has a problem loading models easily. Use the editor GTKradiant for JO ( [url][/url] ).

To load a model into your map, find the entity misc_model. Once you have selected it, GTK will allow you to search for models in your base folder. Usually the level you seen the model you want will be the folder you want to look through.
2006-05-02, 12:12 PM #3
Don't even think about creating trees with brushes. Its a big pain in the arse.
2006-05-03, 10:36 PM #4
Yes, indeed.

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