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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Annoyance....
2006-05-08, 5:52 AM #1
Just one question to level editors who send their work into

I have made a level whick is about 28MB and i want to post it on Unfortunaltly, all the e-mail servers i have looked at only can attach files up to 20MB. What should i use?

I regret to inform you...

2006-05-08, 8:00 AM #2
The problem might be, that you are trying to post the BIGGEST FILE EVER. Are all these megabytes justified? Did you double check that there are no unnecessary files in the archive? If so, try compressing it in RAR format...with "best compression" marked. If you absolutetly cannot bring it below the 20 MB, upload it somewhere (yousendit, if all else fails), then email them just the link.
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2006-05-08, 9:30 AM #3
thanks ill try to find unessesary files.... another question... some dude posted a tutorial a while ago about how to make a .pk3 file, according to him, you just rename the zip file. I discovered that that method was horribly wrong, and he also says that to make the .arena file you must just rename the .txt file... i fould out how to properly pk3 the map, but the arena file is still... just a text file. Is there some other un-bogus way of converting it?

I know im being annoying, i swear this is my last queation.
I regret to inform you...

2006-05-08, 9:30 AM #4
I regret to inform you...

2006-05-09, 8:11 AM #5
First of all you don't have to make a new post to edit your previous post. Just his the "edit/delete post" icon at the top right corner of the little box.

Secondly use a program called Pakscape to make .pk3 files.
2006-05-09, 9:54 AM #6
i know about pakscape i want to know how to make the .arena file not the .pk3 file!!!! :mad:
I regret to inform you...

2006-05-09, 12:22 PM #7
Hehe...didn't read that... :D

The arena file is nothing but the text document with a special .arena extension. It should work when you pack the .pk3 and launch the mod (or whatever else you wanted to load)

You havn't told us exact;y what you were going to do..
2006-05-09, 4:01 PM #8
:rolleyes: Sorry, i've been asking questions on the forum for a while, i'm quite new at editing levels.

I'm still trying to make my SP .pk3 file smaller, but in the meantime i created a multiplayer duel level.

I made the .bsp, packed the .pk3, threw in the .arena file just as i've seen it in other duel levels and from the "Preparing your Jedi Outcast map for release" tutorial, yet, when i test it, i cant find it on the menu.

I've done it just like the other levels i've seen, but for some reason, the level doesnt appear in the menu. What have i done wrong?

ps. whenever i try to light it, it says something about MAX_TW_VERTS (12) exeeded. Any idea what it means?
I regret to inform you...

2006-05-09, 4:34 PM #9

Make sure you have patched your game to the latest version (I believe 1.04 is the latest).

Then make sure that you saved your .pk3 to the ...\Gamedata\ directory. So for eg. if the name of your .pk3 was time2die.pk3 the file path would look something like this:

C://Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight II/Gamedata/time2die.pk3

Then make sure that all the game files (maps, textures, scripts etc.) are in their respective folders.

If that fails, then take a closer look at your .arena file. Maybe there's a syntax error. Make sure that the 'type' variable is set to "duel" (Since you said it was a mpduel map)

And if THAT fails, then maybe you better ask someone who can explain things a lot better... :(

ps. Dont worry about asking questions. Nobody is born an expert.
2006-05-10, 9:29 AM #10
thanks, you were right about the .arena file, i wrote it wrong. I just ended up copying it from another duel level i downloaded and changed the names and type.


Also, can somebody tell me how to get bot support?
I regret to inform you...

2006-05-14, 1:48 PM #11

Hope it helps

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