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Colored lights
2006-07-18, 12:23 PM #1
Hello, so, how do i make a colored light. I know that I must open entity list, and make a new key thingy called color, but what numbers must it be in the Value thingy? I tried 255 0 0, Becuse thats red right? But it didnt work. So, help!
2006-07-18, 12:31 PM #2
Select the light entity and press K. It should open up a color selection window with a wide range of colors.
2006-07-18, 12:42 PM #3
Yay! It worked. Thx :)
2006-07-18, 12:44 PM #4
Just don't overdo it with colored lighting. It tends to hurt the eyes.
2006-07-18, 12:46 PM #5
Ok, thx. I'll remember that.

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