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Importing Models
2006-07-18, 1:53 PM #1
Hi again. I would like to know how to import models in to my map. Can anyone please help me? :)
2006-07-18, 3:15 PM #2
Make a new entity called 'misc_model'. A dialog box should come up for you to browse to the model's location. If it doesn't, or if you have no models in your base directory, add another key/value set to the entity:

key: model
value: <path from within /base/, for example: models/map_objects/hoth/light_wall.md3

I'm not sure whether you have to have the model you're using within a .pk3... Try it.
2006-07-18, 4:09 PM #3
Yeah, i tried that. And this is what pops up.

2006-07-18, 4:42 PM #4
You are using JK2radiant, aren't you.
2006-07-18, 7:29 PM #5
I doubt even GTKRad is supported on Vista. So that might be it too.
2006-07-18, 10:45 PM #6
He's on Vista?

2006-07-19, 10:14 AM #7
Originally posted by Echoman:
You are using JK2radiant, aren't you.

Isnt JK2radiant good?

And it's just a vista theme. ;)
2006-07-19, 11:58 AM #8
No. JK2radiant is bad. You get bugs like that one above.

Get GTKradiant for JO at [url][/url]
2006-07-22, 5:17 AM #9
Ok, thx :)

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