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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Attentive AI?
Attentive AI?
2006-09-20, 4:15 PM #1
I am making a single player map for Jedi Outcast. Problem is, the NPCs don't attack unless either you shoot at them or run into them. Any suggestions? Screenies below:
Screenie 1

Screenie 2

Screenie 3

Thanks for your help!
2006-09-20, 4:19 PM #2
Hmm. What rodians are we talking about?

Sniper-rifle rodians see very far (well, it seems like they do). Or E-11 (or other gun) rodians?

Scripting can increase an NPC's alertness, but it has limits.
2006-09-20, 4:21 PM #3
Ack, sorry,I edited my original post while you were viewing it.
2006-09-20, 4:35 PM #4
Ah, what script values are you using, or is it just a default NPC_rodians and such?

One thing you must understand is that JO's AI is far from perfect. You can often see them shooting at walls.

But try this with scripting, it might help make the enemies look not as pathetic:

*Use SET_AGGRESSION to the max (5)?
Play with SET_SHOOTDIST to set how far the NPCs are willing to fire at enemies?
Play with SET_VISRANGE? It determines how far NPCs will look for and react to enemies, higher value means greater distance (I believe).

Set SET_LOOK_FOR_ENEMIES to true? It states that this make the NPC "on the lookout" for enemies.

Perhaps play with SET_HFOV and SET_VFOV? These determine the field of view of these NPCs. From the screenies, they appear they are somewhat blind.

And try using SET_EARSHOT? This affects how well the NPC 'listens" for you, so I'm guessing it will do good for the awareness of the rodians.

That helped?

[sub]*Edit: Come to think of it, I think this affects the enemies after they noticed the player, not their attentiveness.[/sub]
2006-09-20, 4:42 PM #5
Thanks for the suggestions. I can't try them out ATM, but I will do it tomorrow and get back to you :)
2006-09-20, 4:43 PM #6
Yes. See if these values work. I assume you are somewhat capable of using scripts?
2006-09-21, 11:29 AM #7
Yeah, I've done some scripting. I set all of those values up, and he still doesn't notice me. I also tried moving the NPC to ground level, and changing it to a stormtrooper and it still doesn't work. They don't notice me unless I discharge my weapon or run into them.
2006-09-21, 4:01 PM #8
Are you sure you compiled the script correctly and gave the NPC entites where to find the script?
2006-09-22, 11:48 AM #9
Yeah, I can change the NPC's weapons and such from the script.
2006-09-22, 1:21 PM #10

How about posting your script so we can look it? Maybe we can find issues with it.

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