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Hello Again
2006-10-26, 5:35 PM #1
i took a little break from editing, and many things i forgot :psyduck: lol i see they added the phyduck... nice... :rolleyes: anyway, i have a few questions:

- u probably think im stupid: what do you press when you create a cylinder to have the texture facing outwards, or inwards? :D

- if i were to create a single player map, how would i be able to play as, for example, darth vader on it.

- any websites that help with scripting and skinning etc.

- any websites for models that can be imported into jedi outcast, for example, a car or a bench etc.

-- Is it even worth continuing to edit and create Jedi Outcast maps, with so many new games coming out, not as many poeple are editing anymore. does anyone know if people still rate and download maps as frequently as lets say a couple years ago?

If you know anything 'bout what i asked, please reply, it'll be a great help.

I regret to inform you...

2006-10-26, 5:40 PM #2
Select the patch mesh, then hit Ctrl+I to invert texture.

I think you have to replace the playermodel files to play as someone else in game, but there might be a way to do it with scripting.
2006-10-26, 5:44 PM #3
wow that was a fast reply :P, just thought of another question, i was looking around the maps posted on Massassi, and i thought of another question :o

- how do you make the sky. For example, in bespin platform duel.. i think its called... you see the sky all around, and i dont know how to do that. Please enlighten me. :eek:
I regret to inform you...

2006-10-29, 9:28 AM #4
Hello? Anyone?
I regret to inform you...

2006-10-29, 8:56 PM #5
Make a hollow cube, and texture all the inside faces with a sky shader (there are some in 'skies'). Don't use the textures (that you see what they look like)- use the shaders, that either say 'sky' or have a default texture.

If you want to create your own, you have to take renders from something like TerraGen and put them into a shader, a process which I won't go through here.

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