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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → JK2 Caulk?
JK2 Caulk?
2006-12-09, 4:03 PM #1
Is there such a thing as caulk in JK2? I'm new to the mapping scene and have been trying out mapping with Q3. I'd just like to know whether there is caulk.
If not, what should I use? Just no textures?

2006-12-09, 4:44 PM #2
Yep. Texture with system/caulk.
2006-12-09, 4:46 PM #3
It should appear as a pink-purple texture in the editor.

I'm not sure if chalk looks different for different Q3 games. I know the chalk for RtCW is white.
2006-12-09, 4:49 PM #4
Also a note, if you are using JK2radiant instead of GtKradiant, there is a problem loading up system shaders if I can remember.
2006-12-09, 7:25 PM #5
Thanks!! It's a bit weird looking compared to the Q3 caulk, but it's there! It works for you guys, right? I won't be able to use the caulk button on the toolbar though.
2006-12-09, 7:46 PM #6
Actually, I think I remember someone (Emon?) saying you didn't need to use caulk in JO maps.

But my mind might be broken. Ask Emon.
2006-12-09, 9:40 PM #7
There are times you need to use chalk. To say you never need chalk is not smart.
2006-12-10, 4:12 PM #8
Yeah well, I probably shouldn't have posted editing-type advice based solely on a half-imagined fragment of a memory.
2006-12-10, 10:36 PM #9
Caulk isn't that necessary with Q3Map2, yes. You still need it in some situations, but compulsively caulking isn't necessary. Especially with the performance of modern machines.
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