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Texture list
2006-12-27, 8:19 AM #1
Would anyone benefit if I went through the texture sticky and organized the texture site by material/details?
2007-02-25, 7:31 PM #2
I guess I will start a list today. I always looking for textures, so I guess this idea might help all the editors out there. Texture sites are catagorized by what they contain:



Industrial [sub]you need to d/l the levels and get the textures I'm guessing[/sub]



Urban [sub]it's the free Max Payne texture pack, need a better d/l link[/sub]

"Collection-of-many-textures" sites

(Let me know if you have good texture sites. Even if you don't edit JO/JA, sharing is always good)
2007-02-26, 3:36 PM #3
I found the Sci-Fi texture pack from the author ydnar but only a download link. Prehaps there is a better site for displaying his textures.

I guess it doesn't really matter, it seems I'm talking to myself in this forum. :v:

edit: I found this:
2007-02-28, 10:33 AM #4
Maybe it's best to move the list in the texture sticky.

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