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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → :saddowns: compiling problems
:saddowns: compiling problems
2007-02-04, 2:44 PM #1
Hello, I have made a SP map for Jedi Outcast. I am trying to compile it on a spare computer so I can keep using my main computer. For some reason however it does not get passed making the "junk.txt" file. I can compile my map on either computer in "bsp.test" mode. But with "final" compiles on spare computer I can leave it for 3 or 4 days and it wont get passed "junk.txt"

Out of desperation I tried a final compile on my main computer and it makes a "junk.txt" file and it almost finished. unfortunately with less then 7 hours to go I had a power failure so it didnt finish the lighting!!!!

Please help, I've spent countless hours working on my map. I cant understand why It will compile on one computer but not the other...
2007-02-05, 7:24 AM #2
Hmm. I have some questions:

1. Are you using q3map2 or JK2Radiant's crappy compiler?

2. Does the compiler give an error message on the "spare" computer? Error messages are often seen below, in the text box of the editor, with red or yellow text. Problems can shut the compiler down

3. Does your "spare" computer have enough RAM and processing power? This could be the case. If the compiling job is too demanding, especially one that takes a good 7+ hours, the compiler can just stop. Is this "spare" computer of yours less powerful than your "main" computer?
2007-02-06, 7:03 AM #3
Use detail brushes.

Sounds like you aren't. That's not the best tutorial but it's the only one I could find in my favourites... You might want to also google up a tutorial on area portals and how they work.
Sneaky sneaks. I'm actually a werewolf. Woof.
2007-02-06, 6:13 PM #4
If that was the case, I'm guessing the error would still appear.

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