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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Trident Saber JK>JA conversion
Trident Saber JK>JA conversion
2007-02-28, 2:07 AM #1
I've been working ona conversion of Clown's Trident Saber (with permission) from his Sith Sabers mod from Jedi Knight DF2. I need a couple of people to beta test it for me. All I really need ot know if if the blades are a usable length as well as how it handles in combat. It is treated as a double-bladed lightsaber, though it only hs blades on one side. This has some interesting effects. If you're interested, please PM me or e-mail me at

Luck and best wishes to all,
-Atrusino Savituri
2007-02-28, 10:32 AM #2
Wow. You actually got in contact with him after so many years?
2007-02-28, 11:48 PM #3
Yup. Still workin out the fine points, but it's almost ready to be released. Clown was in EAH.. So was Scorch.. Scorsh has been a good friend of mine for years. Anyway.. Interested in testing it and giving your opinion?

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