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Player character
2007-03-26, 11:41 AM #1
Is it possible to specify which player model and saber style the user starts out with when loading my map?

*EDIT* This is for Jedi Academy

2007-03-26, 12:12 PM #2
Yes, there is a tutorial explaining it.

Go to: > Tutorials > Single Player JO Maps, Part 1: General Stuff

That tutorial explains how to change your character model. There is probably a script you can create that specifies the saber style you spawn with

By the way, are you working on a SP map?
I regret to inform you...

2007-03-26, 1:37 PM #3
Sorry Time2Die I forgot to mention that this is for JA :v:

2007-03-26, 1:56 PM #4
ahh i see... well then i have no clue :p
I regret to inform you...

2007-03-26, 3:21 PM #5
My memory is a bit fuzzy so I think these tutorials would help better: (this might take time to load)

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