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.bsp to .map?
2007-03-26, 1:13 PM #1
ive read a post earlier on about how to convert bsp to .map, but it was very vague, and just mentioned that it says it can, but didnt explain how. I ahve a map which i would like to improve, but i lost the .map file.

how do you convert .bsp to .map? :gonk:
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2007-03-27, 4:37 AM #2
I've been looking around the forums for that post, but it has evaded me...

o well, i can remember part of ot. someone asked if you can convert .map to .bsp, and Spi Waterwing replied something like

"yes, its all in the path.. something/somethingrather/something"

I regret to inform you...

2007-03-28, 10:43 AM #3
I can't remember where I put my q3map2 directory but it's a command line thing you can do with it. You extract the bsp to somewhere then you run a q3map2 decompile on it. You'll most likely get some imperfections and missing textures, possibly no lighting.

It's not that great an idea, I'd just remake the map if possible.
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2007-03-28, 12:02 PM #4
haha ok.. takes too long to re-do though.. it was a rather long level..
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