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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Efx.
2007-05-01, 5:29 PM #1
Hello again.

For a part of my level, the current setup is a func_breakable, lots of fx_runners and a func_button. You push the button, and the fx_runners explode and the wall breaks. This all works, with a few problems.

1. The current Fxfile I'm using for the explosions is fighter_explosion2.efx. This is because all the other explosion effects files, the explosion is way to small for the job.
Except, this current explosion send something like probe droid legs everywhere, which looks totally unrealistic. What fx file should I use?

2. The smoke. I want smoke to apprear after the explosions, and billow up into the sky, visible from quite a distance away. The only .efx files I've found, the smoke has been too small, not suitable for the effect I need. Any suggestions?

3. Also, there is a small problem with the explosions. I want it to explode, and play the effect once, and only once. However, I've tried setting the delay value to a variety of things, including: 200, 1000, 0 and -1. However, none of these actually keeps the effect from appearing more than once. How would I do that?

4. Lastly, the way the map is, you are situated quite a ways away from the blast sight, but I want it to look and sound impressive. Is there some way to just shake the ground slightly where you are standing, and a faint, far away explosion sound to play? I know that if you are standing near the explosion, a sound plays and the ground shakes, but in this case you are too far away. What would I do for this?

I'm editing with Jedi Academy now, so I also have a few general questions.

1. I'm doing a map of Malachor V, from KOTOR 2. If you have any clue how to get a model for a Ebon Hawk ship, let me know.

2. I want to start the level with a different playermodel, and different weapons. I know this all involves scripting, and I have read a few tutorials. What I would like is the player to be holding two Sith Swords. However, when I type saber sith_sword sith_sword into the console, they come up, and I can use them, but when they are de-activated, then re-activated, they make lightsaber opening-closing sounds, and hums when on. How would I get rid of that?

3. Also, If you know where to find md3 models of any sort of unusual monster or npc, post them here.

Couldn't figure all this out myself, sorry if its a little much at once.:P

Ahh, and one more thing, just for the sake of knowing:

Someone a while ago (I was reading through the many threads I once created) gave me a website for bot support in JO. Are there any tutorials for Jedi Academy?
I regret to inform you...

2007-05-01, 6:44 PM #2
Replying to my own question :downswords:

1. I found one for the explosion... explosions/hugeexplosion1

I regret to inform you...

2007-05-03, 12:47 PM #3

I've got a bridge sequence sort of like kejim_post, and when you run across, everything starts blowing up. It works... sort of. I have the whole bridge a func_breakable because I dont really understand how to make it fall and change shape, ect, ect.

It's a func_breakable with like 20 brushes, and whenever I compile the map, the game gives me a warning:

Func_breakable with NULL model

How can I repair this? I tried making the bridge into segments but it still didnt work.
I regret to inform you...

2007-05-03, 1:50 PM #4
And yet, another problem.

I'm getting that error again. SV SetBrushModel NULL

Except, there is no func_static, origin brushes or anything like that involved. Instead, it points me to "entity 66" and when I find it, it is a simple ref_tag. I delete that, and then it points me to a target_activate. Deleting that, it proceeded in pointing me to a trigger_once. Then a target_position. Whats going on here?!? :suicide:
I regret to inform you...

2007-05-03, 7:00 PM #5
I know "some of you have jobs" and I do too... I don't mean to sound rude but it's been three days and I havent gotten a response.. Can anybody answer any of my questions?
I regret to inform you...

2007-05-03, 7:26 PM #6
2.- You can scale the effects up (make whatever seen bigger). But that wouldn't be best for giant smoke that can be seen far away because, if you get anywhere near it, your framerate will drop to hell.

3- Try having a func_breakable explode with the specific explosion. There is a "playfx" thing with func_breakable that should fire the .efx once. Or, in the fx_runner entity, try checking off "oneshot".

4- You can make your own shaking .efx file here. By doing so, you can adjust how violently you want the ground to shake. So, you can design an .efx file that would be place far away from the explosion that would shake the world slightly and such. Toy around with target_speaker entities for the sound or make your own sound file to fit your needs.
2007-05-04, 6:52 AM #7
Great! Thanks
I regret to inform you...


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