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2007-05-24, 1:47 PM #1
It has come to my attention that all of you have a problem with my post. In some ways I can see why but in others I think it is much to strict and rude. I am new to this site and thought it would be good but apparently not. So since you all have a problem with me then I am sorry, okay? I mean if its that big of a deal. :suicide:
2007-05-24, 3:17 PM #2
Too strict? Buddy, this place has the rules for a reason, they're not too strict, they're there to keep this place spam free and enjoyable. Double posting and cross posting are unnecessary, especially with a community like this one. If you post one new topic, most everyone will see it. It's not hard to glance through the rules once, they're not that long and it will help out immensely.

Another thing, this post should have gone in The Discussion Forum, it has nothing to do with JO or JA editing, just for future reference ;)
2007-05-24, 5:26 PM #3
1.) If you have a problem with actions taken against you by an admin or a mod, take it up with them instead of making a thread about it.

2.) Once more, when you joined, you said you had read the rules. I know this because the registration cannot be completed without you checking a little box saying something along the lines of "I have read and understand the forum rules." You have not read the rules. Once more, I suggest you do so.

3.) It isn't that "all of us" have a problem with your post, it's all 4 or 5 of us that look at this forum from time to time that don't like people making obnoxious threads, and spamming links in other people's threads.

4.) :suicide:
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