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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Making NPC's with 4 guns
Making NPC's with 4 guns
2008-01-18, 6:05 AM #1
I'm having a little problem with Jedi Academy...

I have a Solid Snake Model, and i'm trying to make a NPC of my own.

However, I want him to have a Imperial Repeater, a Blaster Pistol, a Thermal Detonator, and be able to punch some baddies (ya know... Star Wars FA-MAS, Socom, Grenades and CQC...)

How could I make that?

I tried to put class_bobafett, but he will start flying, and having a Flamethrower. And I want him to be at ground.

I'm also putting force Jump Level 1 (only for him to be kicking others if he's pushed) and Force Heal 2(His dad treated his own injuries in MGS3, right?) Is it a good idea, or should i make him with no force at all?
2008-01-18, 4:55 PM #2
The thing is, the boba_fett NPC is a special one due to the fact he behaves differently than many other NPCs. For one, you will run into the problem that he can't die. Scripting is probably your best bet when it comes to altering him. Another problem you will face is that NPCs don't like to use different guns. You can see this happen when you spawn Boba Fett ingame, as he just goes around using just the e-11. I'm willing to bet that scripts were used to tell him to use different weapons but not his AI deciding for him.
2008-01-20, 12:46 PM #3
And... How can i do that, you know?
2008-01-20, 3:59 PM #4
Do what? Is this a specific map you want this Snake NPC to be in or just make a NPC you can spawn anywhere (with console)?

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