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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Remotely unlocking doors
Remotely unlocking doors
2008-02-21, 3:03 PM #1
I'm having problems making my locked doors unlock remotely. What I want is a door that's inactive until I hit a switch, whereupon the animmap on the door switches from locked to unlocked, and then I can use the door normally. What I've already done is set up a normal door trigger, with the two buttons (one off and one on), and then pointed a func_static brush at a target_activate, which then points to the door. It actually works, with the switch activating and unlocking the door and all. The problem is, the door, while unlocked, remains red as if it were locked. It switches to green once I use it normally, but this looks confusing to anyone playing. I want it to turn green the moment I hit the switch. I know I've seen this done, and even with little complicated camera bits added on for kicks. How can I make the door turn green once I hit the switch? Thanks. :neckbeard:

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