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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Starting lightsaber and style settings
Starting lightsaber and style settings
2008-02-24, 12:38 AM #1
Ok, I was dicking around with cheats a bit and noticed that when you have a single saber, and use the lightstaff stance, the character holds it in a totally badass way and looks wicked awesome. What I'd like to do is have this be the default setting for my level, when I load up. Is it possible to set the starting saber offense level to be only the lightstaff stance and use a single saber? Thanks. :tfti:
2008-02-24, 4:36 PM #2
What you must have saw is an animation glitch.
2008-02-24, 6:12 PM #3
But there must be some way to set it to a certain style (the saberstaff style) and have a single lightsaber... :saddowns:
2008-02-25, 10:45 AM #4
You know, with staff, you can turn off the second blade and use it as a single.
2008-02-25, 10:57 AM #5
I know but that reverts back to the normal medium stance. I want to be able to use the lightstaff stance, because it looks unique when jaden holds it.
2008-02-25, 2:00 PM #6
is it that mod called JA+ that does it for MP?

I'm sure if you look on jk3files there'll be a mod of that description already out.
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2008-02-25, 3:14 PM #7
No no, this is legit vanilla JA. Just load a single player game with a single saber, type in 'setforceall 3' and scroll through the stances until you get to the second yellow stance after the first blue. It goes yellow, red, red, blue, yellow, yellow, blue. I italicized the stance that I'm talking about.

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