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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → How can i make cutscenes in JA?
How can i make cutscenes in JA?
2008-03-09, 1:39 PM #1
Please how can I make cutscenes in custom maps?

I have the Jedi Academy Modding tools, like BehavED, IBIze, but i need a turorial on how to use them.

can someone post a tutorial?
Or maybe an explicative cutscene?
2008-03-09, 1:50 PM #2

You have to familiar yourself with scripting, so you need to know BehavED. I can't remember any BehavED tutorials these days, so I suggest something really simple. Like giving a stormtrooper a different weapon like the Concussion rifle or modifying his health.

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