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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → JO and JA, any difference in engine?
JO and JA, any difference in engine?
2008-03-24, 3:00 AM #1
A question about JO and JA editing.
At the Massassi Temple I find JK2 Editing Resources for JO. However, I am more interested in editing JA, since my brother also plays that game. but can i use the same tools for JO as for JA? or is the engine too different? it looks like the same to me.

i'm asking this btw because the massassi temple doesn't have any specific JA editing tools

grtz Darth Ayreon
2008-03-24, 10:23 AM #2
They both use the same engine. In fact, JA uses alot of resources from JO. Pretty much every JO tutorial can be applied to JA editing. JK2radiant can't be used with JA easily but why bother using it when GTKradiant can simply handle both games.
2008-03-25, 6:45 AM #3
ok, thanks :)

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