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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → 2 MP skins questions
2 MP skins questions
2008-03-25, 6:51 AM #1
i have 2 questions about multiplayer skins

1) Is there an easy way to convert multiplayer skins from JO to JA?
2) Are there any skins of the Seven Dark Jedi from JK1 available for Multiplayer for either JO or JA? (i already have Jerec and Maw)

2008-03-28, 9:00 AM #2
allright, forget about the second question
2008-04-03, 11:13 AM #3
what's wrong with this topic? wrong title or smth like that?

why does nobody reply here, or is everyone on holiday T_T
2008-04-04, 5:56 PM #4
You can find a lot of good stuff for JO and JA at [url][/url]. Maw (pre Rahn incident), Yun, and Boc are available for JA, and Jerec, Maw (post Rahn incident), and Sariss are available for JO.

I'm not sure how well JO models work in JA, but I'm inclined to think they do. I'll have to give that a try.
2008-04-09, 8:42 AM #5
thx. btw i've just put Jerec, Maw (post-Rahn) and Sariss in the Jedi Academy/GameData/base folder, even though they are for JO, but they work fine. Only bugs that i can find:

-sounds don't work
-boc has suddenly lost his second saber

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