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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → The Dark Forces 2 Mod For JK2
The Dark Forces 2 Mod For JK2
2008-04-22, 8:59 PM #1
Hello everybody,i am currently starting a df2mod for jk2 because the df2mod for ja is lacking progress and i'm starting to get impatient and one big thing is that i lost jedi academy when my dad cleaned out my hard drive and my cd was scratched terribley!:saddowns:
Anyway email me
We only have one member from strategy informer that is in 2nd command.
So please volunteer for the mod and email me any finished work!:)

-Team Leader,

I have finished a kyle model and a screenshot is here, hope you like it!
Attachment: 19125/screenshot#1.jpg (124,101 bytes)
2008-04-22, 9:31 PM #2

You almost had me there for a minute!
2008-04-23, 4:25 PM #3
Hehe. Nice. Way to play with the completely screwed up sequel progression.

(Can't wait for Dark Forces 5: Jedi Knight 4/ Jedi Knight 4-2 Mysteries of the Sith: Jedi Outcast 3: Jedi Academy 2: Force Unleashed! Can you?!)

But relating to the old DFmod... damn shame that there seems to be no concerted effort to pick things up where they left off. Had the greatest time playing that before. It was like being fourteen again... or well, one of the parts of being fourteen that is worth remembering. I'd try and build the Nar Shadaa mission just for kicks, but that "stuff to build someday" list is starting to rival my reading list.
2008-04-23, 4:34 PM #4
Fact of the matter is, if you are going to recreate JK: DF2, it might as well be done on a newer, better engine. I mean, isn't that the whole point of a recreation mod to bring an old game and revitalize it with new technology? A better engine would be something like Source or U3 (although Source is starting to show its age).

Redoing JK: DF2 onto the outdated Quake3 engine is not only laughable but a clear waste of time. The DFmod is great in that it brought Dark Forces into a new light, but we can't forget that the mod was started around 6 years ago.

Now if there will be a PC version of Force Unleashed and you were given an editor, that would be suitable for bringing back JK: DF2. Or if LucasArts made a new title in the JK series.

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