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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → I have a simple question about weapon editing. Could one of you please, enlighten me
I have a simple question about weapon editing. Could one of you please, enlighten me
2008-04-23, 7:54 AM #1
Ok.... Hello guys. I am one of those people that likes to edit every game I play to make it fit me better and to fix things that i think would have been better if done differently.
In jedi outcast I would like to modify the damage delt by the bryar pistol.
I have been searching around but havnt come up with much. which seems strange for the web (considering I found a plethora of information on JK editing and thats even older)
So Iv resorted to intellegent guesswork and reverse engineering.... I can see that the weapons.dat modifies some weapon aspects, but it appears to me that the damage is assosiated with the projectile like in JK?
bryar_func I believe.... but where is this bryar_func defined?
Thanks for keeping this site going. unless im just looking in all the wrong places,it looks like one of the few JO sanctuaries left.

2008-04-23, 11:06 AM #2
Unlike MP coding, Raven never released the code to make modifications to the behavior of the SP game. So in other words, the only way to really change aspects of the Single Player game is too reverse-engineer. But that's not legal.

You can change a weapons rate of fire, the sounds it makes, models it uses but not much else. You can't change the damage dealt, how fast the shots go, how much force it shot does and other details of that sort. If this was MP, sure. But can't really do that for SP (unless you figure out how, tell us).
2008-04-23, 4:56 PM #3
Interesting, and a shame. Thankyou Echoman, that explains the lack of tutorials...
2008-04-23, 11:14 PM #4
Well, you can still do wacky things with weapons...its just like you are very limited. You can have the rocket launcher shoot 800 rockets in a minute without running out of ammo...but that would only be fun for only so much.
2008-04-25, 11:33 AM #5
One thing you could do is change the health of all the enemies you add accordingly so it makes it seem like the bryar (an all other weapons for that matter) do as much damage as you're trying to make.
2008-05-27, 8:50 AM #6
Here's an idiotic related question. Apparently, my curiosity and my willingness not to make an *** of myself have been grappling over this; and guess what- curiosity won.

Is there any chance that one could change the effective range of the lightsabre- or perhaps turn off or alter the effects it makes in contact with surfaces and NPCs? The more conventional sword Tavion used in the happy-happy-joy-joy-scooby-doo ending of Jedi Academy got me thinking...

Oh drat, there's another question- I once acquired a pistol mod which was intended to replace the user's DL-44- but it also replaced the pistols which NPCs carried. Is this the mark of a somewhat improperly-made mod or a quirk of JA? (Because the player and the NPCs clearly used different pistols in JO.)

Just seeking to gain any possible insight before REALLY looking into this. Thank you all for putting up with my foolish questions.
2008-05-27, 10:36 AM #7
It's not foolish questions. If anything, thanks for putting activity in this forum. I'll tell you what I know:

In SP, you can change the length of the lightsaber visually, but it will not "act" like a big saber. Simply, you can make it look big but its range will stay the same.

You can change the .efx files that the saber uses when it does something. For example, you can change what markings the saber will make when it touches a wall. So if you want to put a traditional sword in the game, you can make it so it won't do "lightsaber damage" to objects by replacing the .efx files with blank ones. A good portrayal of this here.

As for your pistol question, it's a quirk in JA. The issue is that you and NPCs both refer to the same files. In your case, your mod's assets. When you go in third person, the gun in your character's hand is the "same thing" as the ones held by the people you are fighting.

THis is a strange thing because, back in JO, you had the Bryar pistol while no other NPC had that. I guess to make things less complicated, JA just decided otherwise. The Dark Forces Mod had faced this issue too in JA: every Imperial officer carries Kyle's trademark pistol.
2008-05-28, 11:57 AM #8
Interesting. Thank you very much, Echoman.

Actually, my idea had been to make a level or two (although the full range of ideas along this line would be a staggeringly impossible amount of work) about a simple theif who would use perhaps a knife or a baton of some kind. Perhaps it's just a matter of me looking back wistfully upon the days of Dark Forces where you were playing as someone who wasn't particularly special in any way. Not even entirely sure if anyone wants to jump into that kind of Star Wars story anymore, much less with this game.

But I digress. Thank you once again for your help. Too bad about the JA pistols thing, but you really can't fault them for trying to make things more simple for themselves.
2008-05-28, 12:55 PM #9
Well, don't give up on the pistol thing. My suggestion:

Instead of replacing the DL-44, why not replace the sniper rifle? That way:

-the shots instantly hit their targets like a real pistol would.

-not many enemies use the disrupter.

The thing that's been bothering me is that there are "weapon slots" that aren't normally used. For example, there are console commands that would allow you to "obtain" certain weapons such as the Tusken raider's gun, that stick that shoots green gas, stun baton and the original Bryar pistol from JO (if I remember correctly).
2008-05-28, 9:36 PM #10
Now that's a fine idea... very fine indeed. Had an idea to throw a special pistol into the mix in the second mission. A reskinned disruptor would do just fine. Must have missed those console commands for the other weapons, too. Might have to try those sometime.

Well, thanks again for the wise advice on all of this.c Now if I could just get around to finishing something- and that's the real trick, isn't it... Or perhaps the trick is knowing how to do a few other things well aside from just construction, ha! Too many ideas and only one strong suit tends to put the damper on things from time to time.

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