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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Bespin/H_evil air vents
Bespin/H_evil air vents
2008-05-04, 5:41 PM #1
I've looked everywhere, but I just can't find the .efx file that was used to make the large gusts of constant air in the bespin air shafts and those shafts in h_evil that blew you real high in the air. You know the effect I'm talking about with the air being constantly blasted upwards?
2008-05-04, 5:56 PM #2
Check this:

It's really a matter of trial and error to see which .efx does what.

Remember, you can scale .efx files to make them look bigger or take up a greater area. So a small smoke/wind/air effect can look larger to suit your needs. Just don't go overboard.

You preview each file in EffectsEd to get a general idea what they are.

Also, if you use "developer 1" in your console and go to the area where the .efx files are trigger in those levels, the file name might come up in the console.
2008-05-04, 6:19 PM #3
I like how nothing I have works. EffectsEd can't view any of the files I tell it to. :( I open a .efx file and it says it just can't find any of the .gfx files it needs, even though I set the paths correctly. :gbk: Oh well I guess I can do without that one efx file.
2008-05-04, 6:30 PM #4
You can just make a test map with one big box to see what .efx files look like.
2008-05-04, 10:35 PM #5
New question. I want to make a target_push behave like a gust of wind rather than a conveyor belt. I've used a trigger_push, and that behaves just like I want it, but it pushes the player waaaay too hard. What I want is to have it so when a player enters an area, he is pushed sideways (so that he can't fight back) gradually until he is pushed off the surface he is on. Right now, that's what I have set up, but it behaves like a conveyor belt and acts like the player is glued to that surface. Is it possible in JA?

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