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Map help question
2008-05-12, 4:59 PM #1
Hi, been a long time fan of massassi, prior to the release of jedi outcast, during jedi knight's hay day, but only now am I attempting to make maps.

I am trying to make a jedi academy single player map, my first question is, how do I edit the settings, so that when you start the map, you have certain force powers and weapons, or lack there of.

Second question, so I do not keep asking questions here, where can I find a guide for jedi academy maps?
2008-05-13, 4:11 PM #2
RichDiesal's Tutorials are really good. Actually, all of [url][/url] is really good.
2008-05-13, 5:43 PM #3
Thanks for the sites, but nether of them seem to be able to help me with my player stat question, but they have been useful.

How do I set the players starting force powers, such as, how do I make the players start with level 3 force jump, aka, setforcejump 3, or setforceall 3.

How do I link 2 levels togather, as in, when you get to a certain point on a level, it will change the level. I know where the changelevel function is on Radiant, but I cant seem to edit it at all.

This is a problem I'm running into with npcs as well, I can only use npcs that are avaible when you right click and go to npc. I have no idea how to access the full "list" of all the npcs available in the game.

I wish radian had a command line window, where I could just type "add npc_custom" or "Set player_stat".

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