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how to install mods
2008-06-02, 1:01 PM #1
well how do you install them

and were do you get moding tools at?
2008-06-02, 2:54 PM #2
Uhh. Pretty much every mod you install has instructions in it. But basically...

Put the .pk3 file that is supplied into the gamedate/base folder (located at your installation point).
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2008-06-02, 4:55 PM #3
Sometimes you have to make the "mod folder" to put the contents in.

If the mod doesn't care to tell you how to install it, I believe it isn't worth your time.
2008-06-02, 5:44 PM #4
so i make a folder in gamedata\base caled mod?
2008-06-04, 7:33 PM #5
Usually, go with the name of the mod. Say you have a mod that gives you...Quake 3 weapons. (Don't look, I made it up on the spot.) You want to be able to activate/deactivate it from the JA/JO program, so you create a new folder: C:\Path\To\JAorJO\GameData\Q3Weaps , and put the .pk3(s) in there.

If it's something like an additional map, skin/model, or something that adds functionality without changing any existing data, you can just put the .pk3 in the Gamedata\base folder.

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