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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → GTKRadiant 1.5 glitches
GTKRadiant 1.5 glitches
2008-07-16, 8:18 PM #1
I'm getting this annoying glitch. Anyone know whats causing it? I'm using Vista 32-bit.
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2008-07-16, 10:08 PM #2
GTKradiant 1.5.0 never got out of beta. It boils down to this, is this glitch impeding your mapping? If not, just try to move on with it.
2008-07-21, 4:40 PM #3
Since, I didn't feel like starting a new thread, I'm just going to post another question here.

I've noticed lights placed in other rooms 'leak' through under walls. Is this just an issue with the Q3 Engine, or some compile problem?

Note: I'm editing for Jedi Outcast

2008-07-21, 5:53 PM #4
Is this JO Multiplayer too?

That's a common problem back then. The MP loads the lightmap in a strange, glitchy fashion. If you load your map in Singleplayer however, you will notice that it isn't as bad and light won't "leak" in areas. It's frustrating so you might have to calibrate your lights so it won't do that as much.

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