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SP & MP Lighting (JO)
2008-08-05, 2:38 PM #1
Why does my lighting which looks so good in SP mode, look absolutely craptacular when in MP mode? I know usually MP cuts back on eye candy to improve performance, but the difference is so ugly. (I'll have screenshots up soon). Is there any way to improve it?
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2008-08-05, 10:30 PM #2
No because MP and SP load the map's lightmap differently. The quality of the lightmap for MP, if I ventured to guess, is compressed thus not as demanding on the video cards. Therefor, in the heat of battle in MP, the game runs slightly more smoothly as a opposed to SP where you take in the settings.

But don't take my explanation 100%; that's the most logical reason I can think of. The lightmap is a texture of sort (mapping the light), lower definition means higher framerate.

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