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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → Possible to have too many target_speakers?
Possible to have too many target_speakers?
2008-08-29, 3:55 PM #1
Is it possible to have too many target_speakers going on? I have like 5 or so different sound effects going on in this area but for some reason only one works.
2008-08-29, 6:48 PM #2
I don't think so. Fire up your map in MP mode and see if any missing sounds appear. Also are the sounds all valid .mp3/.wav?

2008-08-29, 8:23 PM #3
yeah they are. In fact some sounds are playing but then in other places where I used the same sound, even, it doesnt work there.
2008-08-30, 1:11 PM #4
Some sound files are really, really quiet.
2008-08-30, 11:23 PM #5
No, they simply don't play in some areas. I can hear them loud and clear in one place, then 100 feet away its totally quiet, even though I cloned the exact same target_speaker to that other area.

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