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jkl to map importer
2008-10-02, 7:07 AM #1

I'm looking for the .jkl to .map importer plugin for jk2radiant. Just can't seem to find it on google annymore :(
2008-10-02, 11:49 AM #2
That was like years ago. Years.

The only one that comes to mind was made by dr0id of Code Alliance. But Code Alliance went down years ago.
2008-10-02, 11:56 AM #3
Yeah i know. I feel so old :P I was just thinking that someone could still have it.
2008-10-02, 4:04 PM #4

Good luck
2008-10-03, 10:33 AM #5
I'm fairly sure I still have it on one of my 2002 backup CDs.

I do remember it being very glitchy to the point of useless...ness...

(Also this is my first post on this forum since 2002 WEIRD)
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2008-10-03, 11:13 AM #6
No luck so far. Do you think you could look up that cd? I really need that little thing ;( also i tried making this a nother way: jkl>3do>other format used by milkshape or blender>map. But milkshape gives me something like "to many non 3 sided faces" ;/. 3do converter just crashes.
2008-10-03, 11:21 AM #7
Do a google search for '' the first result takes you to a list on where you can get it. (it has both the GTK and JK2 radiant versions in the list)
2008-10-03, 11:23 AM #8
Omg! Just got an e mail! One cool dude had it on his pc. Just for the future if annyone will ever find this thread looking for this... just e mail me and i'll send it youre way! :) thx all.
2008-10-03, 5:34 PM #9
Originally posted by FastGamerr:
(Also this is my first post on this forum since 2002 WEIRD)

I remember it having a weird issue with scale. Import levels for .jkl to .map made the map unplayable because it seems to make them midget-size.
2008-10-03, 5:41 PM #10
Woah. I just quoted the wrong statement.
2008-10-04, 11:19 PM #11
I vaguely remember converting the Yun battle level for JO and it had a lot of redundant brushes that made everything glitchy, so I spent few hours removing those brushes and... it still sucked. o'well.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum

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