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ForumsJedi Outcast and Jedi Academy Editing Forum → scripting, once again.
scripting, once again.
2008-10-07, 10:51 PM #1
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get an NPC to walk into a damn room once triggered. I've followed every tutorial on it, made waypoints and waypoint_navgoals, etc. All I'm trying to do is once the player walks into a trigger, a door opens and an NPC walks in and the NPC default behavior kicks in. All he does, though, is stand there in the room until the door closes again. Blah. Anyone know how to do this? I'll attach what my two scripts look like.
Attachment: 20198/rebornenter.jpg (115,209 bytes)
Attachment: 20199/rebornenter2.jpg (133,435 bytes)
2008-10-09, 7:41 AM #2
Can you make him walk around IN the room?
2008-10-09, 9:38 AM #3
Well I actually got it working. I had to spawn the reborn via the first script, and tell him to use a spawnscript that carries out the second script. So there was nothing wrong with the waypoints or the tasking, he just wasn't doing it for some reason. BehavEd was confused about which entity to affect. Really quite picky.

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